Lu Granite – Visalia and Clovis Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler

Lu Granite – Largest Pre-Fab Granite, Quartz Countertop Company in the Valley!

You have made the first step towards realizing your dream kitchen. We offer the lowest prices on Granite & Quartz countertops, kitchen cabinets, Tiles and much more by buying direct and allowing our customers to save hundreds of dollars by purchasing at wholesale prices. Pre-Fabricated Granite Counter Tops – Custom Kitchen Cabinets – Bathroom Remodeling – in Fresno, Clovis & Visalia Locations for Imported Granite | Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in Clovis & Fresno Fresno Granite Supplier and Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Warehouse We are conveniently located near you.

Visit or call us today! (559) 298-9998

Come visit our 20,000+ sqft showroom today!

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